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Fortuna Villa Estate, Bendigo

The Fortuna Estate has evolved from when gold was discovered in Bendigo Creek in 1851, a gold rush ensued and this site originally owned by the family of Christopher Ballerstedt was bought by George Lansell who struck gold shortly after the purchase and expanded the Fortuna Villa. The site adjacent the Villa underwent little or no development until 1872 when the first of a series of dams and botanical gardens were constructed. The masterplan for the subdivision proposes an ordered arrangement of residences and open spaces in context with the heritage buildings and gardens with reference to the original lake settings.

The location for the residences is outstanding. Elevated uninterrupted views across Bendigo are available to some of the properties with others capturing views of the lake and Historic Villa. The houses are designed as minimal forms with carefully detailed external cladding changes, internally the rooms have been arranged so as to maximise the impression of space and volume.

Location: Golden Square, Bendigo
Value: $55 Million
Status: Planning Permit approved

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