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About us

UDA Studio is an established architectural firm located in High St Windsor, with expertise in designing residential, commercial and retail projects, spanning continuously over 30 years. UDA Studio has the skills and expertise to undertake large scale projects, and as a boutique design studio, also collaborates on a variety of smaller projects of high quality.


UDA Studio strives to bring together a collaborative design process between client, consultant team, and other relevant authorities, to ensure an outcome that is founded on design excellence whilst also personalised and relevant to it’s surroundings. Each project is an intelligently considered proposal which seeks to exceed client aspirations whilst maximising the site’s unique opportunities.


UDA Studio is committed to applying ESD principles to the design of buildings and interior spaces in order to create a social, efficient, economic and environmental balance. UDA Studio takes pride in the strength of repeat business from major developers and investment institutions – a testament to a personalised and proactive approach, aimed at providing a complete architectural service.


The team at UDA Studio consists of highly skilled architects who maintain contact with a project from design through to construction, ensuring knowledge retention and understanding of a project’s design history. The result provides high quality design projects that are delivered on time and on budget.


UDA Studio is a multi-lingual office with Project Architects available to communicate in English, Mandarin and French.

Our Team.

Joshua Amsellem
Principal - Director

Belinda Nincevic
Principal - Director

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